On 07th July, 2020, Bumhan Company participated in the XIV th Labor Tradition football tournament in 2020 with 43 participating teams from Trade Union of companies in Da Nang industrial zones.

Bumhan Trade Union participates in the workers’ traditional football tournament

Teams are divided into 10 table. The top 20 teams in each table will advance to the next round, knocking out until the final. The tournament will take place until the end of 28 th July.

The football tournament is took place in an exciting atmosphere.

In addition to production and business activities, Bumhan unions also actively participate in activities for employees.

Bumhan Trade Union received a certificate of merit from the leader of Da Nang industrial park

Link: https://laodong.vn/cong-doan/da-nang-khai-mac-giai-bong-da-truyen-thong-cong-nhan-lao-dong-817773.ldo


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